Blogs to Admire!

A wide variety of blogs populate the cyberworld! I follow several in various genres – education, medical research, business practices, blogs about blogging — but one of my favorite topics is and will probably always be by and about people coping with adversity with grace, humor, and fortitude. Several blogs that I admire amaze me because invariably they share […]

Swim with the Current

Struggle, like a man swimming against the current. Accept, to survive. –Haiku: Undertow by Cyndee Williams Bowen ©2013 I have a friend who is an awesome, committed champion and caregiver for her husband. He had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) over a year ago. In a recent blog she wrote about one of those episodes where […]

AAC: There Is Gesture…

I think we all know someone who gestures with gusto when speaking. These passionate communicators would be hard pressed to express themselves at all if they could not flail away with their hands or arms to illustrate their point of view! When a person suffers a brain injury due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc., […]

AAC: Hands Just Speak To Me!

I love hands! I don’t know why or when I first realized it, but I do just love them! Two of my favorite memories are of the moments when I first met our two sons. Their tiny little hands fit perfectly in the palm of my own. I will always cherish these memories! They allow […]


One of my favorite cartoon characters from childhood (and beyond) is Yosemite Sam. Some days I really relate to Sam! He’s always in a hurry and impulsive, which ultimately leads to his classic “misfires.” Yosemite Sam is a great illustration of several cognitive deficits we group together as executive functions! He is disorganized, his thoughts […]