On Parachutes and Parkinson’s

The basic idea of my previous post Skydiving and Parkinson’s? is that sky diving is a great analogy for living with Parkinson’s and other chronic, progressive disorders. It’s a look at how the choice between proactive vs. reactive treatment can impact quality of life for people with PD and other health problems. My friend Bev Mittan Ribaudo* read […]

Courage, Determination, Parkinson’s!

There’s no crying in baseball! This line from the 1992 Tom Hanks/Geena Davis movie, A League of Their Own, is a running joke in our house. We quote that scene to poke fun at each other in a multitude of situations. But when a person is diagnosed with a chronic, progressive illness, such as Parkinson’s […]

Random Thoughts: Encouragement

I have a friend who is fighting a mighty battle to maintain her equilibrium, faith, hope, and beautiful smile in the face of a loved one’s battle with multiple health issues. I’ve been there several times in my lifetime with my children, parents, in-laws, other family members, friends… My random thought today is that sometimes fighting multiple […]