Medicare vs. Speech Generating Devices

Medicare is poised to decline payments for speech generating devices that do not meet their criteria. It’s not that they are dictating improved functionality. They actually expect features to be removed for certain SGDs to qualify for reimbursement. Features that: Facilitate training that can enhance a user’s functional use of the device; Allow video conferencing between the person […]

Research Tuesday: Assessing Lexical Diversity in Aphasia

Aphasia is a language disorder found in people with acquired brain injury due to stroke, disease, or trauma. One of the hallmarks of communication disorder in aphasia is a breakdown in the ability to find and use words. I treat people with aphasia (PwA) in my practice, and I recently sought to learn more about […]

AAC: …And Then There Is Gesture!

Throughout grad school, my Clinical Fellowship Year, and on into my career in home health, skilled nursing facilities, and now private practice, I have met and worked with aphasia clients who could not benefit from a complex system of manual sign. I identified gesture as a potential treatment option in my first experience with a […]

AAC: There Is Gesture…

I think we all know someone who gestures with gusto when speaking. These passionate communicators would be hard pressed to express themselves at all if they could not flail away with their hands or arms to illustrate their point of view! When a person suffers a brain injury due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc., […]

Plateau: Noun or Verb?

Plateau is one of those words that can serve as either a noun or a verb. The noun describes a flat, raised landmass found throughout the world, including spectacular vistas in the western USA. Visually pleasing, but I have no strong feeling one way or another about plateau as a noun outside the therapy arena. The trouble starts […]

Introducing … Cyndee Williams Bowen!

Welcome to my first Blog entry for my private practice, Bowen Speech-Language Therapy, LLC! I have always loved putting my thoughts on paper, and regular blogging is one of the business activities I think I will enjoy! This first piece will give you just a glimpse of who I am and what I do. My […]