App Review: Conversation TherAPPy

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I am a Speech-Language Pathologist in private practice. I am also a newbie when it comes to using iOS apps in my diagnostic and treatment sessions. I relied solely upon tried and true paper and pen materials until a few short months ago. Hauling them around to use with some of my home based adult patients/clients was cumbersome and exhausting! It was truly an “ah HA moment” — an epiphany — when I figured out how very powerful some of the new apps are and how much easier they could make my life! How wonderful to be able to carry everything I needed for treatment and documentation in one small iPad and my iPhone! The materials I once fit into a rolling file cart that weighed far too much for me to be lifting and tugging in and out of my car several times a day now fit into one moderate sized purse!

Needless to say, I am a believer and jump at any opportunity to increase the power of my app library. I work with adults (and adolescents) with swallowing and neurogenic communication disorders e.g. aphasia, apraxia, cognitive problems, etc., and several of my favorite “go to” apps were developed and are published by Tactus Therapy. Their most recent offering is Conversation TherAppy, and I am very impressed with its design, power, and the possibilities it inspires!

About the App

Title: Conversation TherAppy

Author: Tactus Therapy

Purchase From: iTunes

Requirements: iDevices with iOS 5.0 or higher

Cost: $24.99


When you launch Conversation TherAppy, the Home screen presents you with several options. I recommend you start by exploring the Information icon in the upper left corner. It provides a thorough explanation of the app’s features and instruction to help you get started. You can take that a step further by viewing the Tutorial via the link located in the bottom center of the page.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the program, click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner to customize the app according to your needs.




The app provides a wide selection of content areas that can be selected according to client interests…




…and further refinement of customization is possible to insure presentation of age appropriate treatment targets.




Stimuli can be drawn from selected categories or across the entire range of categories provided.



The Settings page also allows you to enter your email address so session results and reports can be sent to you. This can be a huge time saver as you document session performance and is a feature I look for and utilize in all my favorite apps!



Refer back to the screenshot of the Home screen and you will see that you can manage users via an icon titled User Hub.


Sessions can be conducted individually or in groups. Just swipe the Users tab on the home screen to add user info and choose session participants.



Each high quality photo stimulus is presented with 10 icons representing different communication acts to stimulate discussion. A first click on the icon reveals the question…


…while a second click reveals the communication act required to answer it. And you can omit the prompts altogether to generate spontaneous discussion of the stimuli.


I think it is pretty obvious that my opinion of this app is high! After my first, quick review, I tried to identify weaknesses that mitigated the strength I was seeing. I couldn’t find any! Every detail I’d go back to verify as missing was there! Reporting. Customization of content. Individual/Group flexibility. Conversation TherAppy seems to provide everything I could want in an app of its kind. I especially love the groups feature and have been inspired to develop and provide a new service in my growing private practice!

The one drawback some might identify is the cost. In my opinion, the price tag is a bargain given the power and versatility of the app, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can decide for yourself by downloading a trial version, Conversation TherAppy Lite, from the iTunes Store.

The full version of Conversation TherAppy is a new favorite in my SLP bag of tricks. I look forward to exploring the possibilities it raises for a long time to come!



Cynthia Williams Bowen, MS, CCC-SLP owns Bowen Speech-Language Therapy, LLC in Clearwater, FL. Cyndee provides quality, creative, collaborative treatment to adults and adolescents with communication, swallowing, Parkinson’s and related disorders.

Disclosure: I have no ongoing financial stake in recommending this app and have no financial affiliation with Tactus Therapy; however, I must disclose that I received a free copy of Conversation TherAppy in exchange for a written review. I had downloaded Conversation TherAppy Lite and was so favorably impressed that I intended to purchase the full version. The offer to receive the full version in exchange for my review was extended after I expressed my favorable opinion of the product. Cyndee Bowen, SLP

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