On Parachutes and Parkinson’s

Skydiving photo

The basic idea of my previous post Skydiving and Parkinson’s? is that sky diving is a great analogy for living with Parkinson’s and other chronic, progressive disorders. It’s a look at how the choice between proactive vs. reactive treatment can impact quality of life for people with PD and other health problems.

My friend Bev Mittan Ribaudo* read the original version of the piece and said she wanted to choose the best parachute to manage her Parkinson’s! Since she’s choosing and we’re pretending anyway, Bev opts for the one that comes equipped with a handsome Marine!  Bev never fails to make me laugh out loud, but her comment also makes perfect sense. Her skydiving experience would be much more enjoyable if she had a handsome, supportive, “someone” along for the ride!

Sport is in sky


Leave it to Bev to take my analogy a step further: Tandem Sky Diving! Proactive management may help people live through all stages of their disorder with dignity and a better quality of life. Having a caring partner — or a group of them — along for the ride is also important!

I don’t know the two tandem skydivers in the picture I chose to launch this blog post, but I’m imagining Bev and her “Wonderful Husband!”



This blog post is an edited version of a blog previous published by the author on 2/1/2013.

*Bev Mittan Ribaudo is the self-described Happy Parkie. Also known as @YumaBev on Twitter, Bev uses humor and song parodies to educate about the realities of life with Parkinson’s. You can learn more by visiting her Parkinson’s Humor blog. She recently published a paperback collection of her stories under the same title.


Cynthia Williams Bowen, MS, CCC-SLP owns Bowen Speech-Language Therapy, LLC in Clearwater, FL.  Cyndee provides quality, creative, collaborative treatment to adults and adolescents with communication, swallowing, Parkinson’s, and related disorders.

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