Random Thoughts: Encouragement

Decorative Tree

I have a friend who is fighting a mighty battle to maintain her equilibrium, faith, hope, and beautiful smile in the face of a loved one’s battle with multiple health issues. I’ve been there several times in my lifetime with my children, parents, in-laws, other family members, friends…

My random thought today is that sometimes fighting multiple health problems feels like Hiker walking on a rocky pathyou’re climbing a mountain while carrying a heavy backpack. Just when you think you’ll be able to reach the summit, someone comes along and adds another brick to your load. You manage to adjust and continue the climb, but they stop you and add more bricks! And on it goes…

Try to remember that this journey is one of the most important of your life. You will grow strong in ways you never expected. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Gather strength, courage, faith, and hope in any portion large or small and from whatever source or direction you can find.

I can’t lighten your load today, but I do understand. Huge hugs from me to you!


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